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This website is sponsored by Richard Baker of Park Lodge International Ltd. and also, very kindly, by Dave Forward of Vision Internet Ltd ( of Cheshire in memory of Jean Marauschat who died on 22nd September, 2016.  Jean worked so hard to keep the beautiful church alive and flourishing.  She will be sadly missed.

The PCC have changed the Sunday Services and will now be 11.15am Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month and 6pm 1662 Evensong on the third Sunday of the month.

 Carol Singing around Pontrilas – see the Carol Singing web page by clicking here

The village name suggests that the original dedication was to the 5th century nun Saint Cein / Keyne, or more possibly her sister Saint Ceingar. Both daughters of King Brychan of Brycheiniog / Breconshire, Saint Ceingar’s son was the Saint Cynidr of Kenderchurch. Certainly Saint Ceingar founded a Church, usually said to be in Maelienydd, north-east Radnorshire, but it could have been the Church at Kentchurch. Although the present Church is in the style of c.1290-1350, it was rebuilt in 1859 by the Scudamore family of nearby Kentchurch Court. A number of 17th and 18th monuments and floor-slabs were retained from the old Church. That commemorating John Scudamore, 1616, also depicts his widow and their ten children, one a baby in a cradle. The bells were cast by the famous firm of Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester, who cast hundreds of bells between 1684 and 1835.

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