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Rectors from 1275 to 1885

Patrons from 1275 to 1334, Abbot and Monastery of St Peter’s, Gloucester

1275 Reginaldus Capellarius

Philip of Langebrigge

1281 A Rector admitted, name not given

William ap Howell

1297 William de Chamberlain

1302 Reginaldus de Schiptone

John Worth

1323 Roger Tilie

1334 John de Henle

William Balle

1349 William de Foye

1349 Richard de Ewyas

1351 Henry de Fowhope

1370 John Morsed

1381 John Chandos

John of Kent

1390 Reginald Lane, exchanged with

1417 John Hales, resigned

1417 John Henbery, died 1419

1419 Hugh Carpenter

1459 William ap Howell ap Adam, resigned 1468

1468 William Bitt

1471 John Worth

1479 William Lowe

1481 Richard ap Howell, resigned

1516 Hugh ap Howell

1525 William Methewe, BD

1539 George Piers

1550 Simon Gilbert, prebendary

1568 David Evans

1587 Roger Bradshaw

1591 John Gibson

159… Simon Grouer

John Bayueley, signed Muster Roll in 1614

Thomas Barrett

1638 Richard Hawes

1662 John Tyler

1688 Joseph Watts

1727 Richard Roberts

17….. John Clerk

1759 James Allen

1770 James Roberts

1837 Henry Wetherall

1858 William E Sellon

1885 Morgan George Watkins

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